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Your OM True North, LLC

A Family Yoga Center

Creating quality family time in a busy household can be challenging.

With so many schedules to coordinate, choosing an activity that suits the entire family is difficult. Connect with our staff to discover how practicing mindfulness, meditation and yoga together can benefit your home.

When striving to establish strong familial bonds through yoga, the community can trust that Your OM True North has its best interests at heart!


- Learn how to manage stress

- Develop balance and coordination

- Enhance physical flexibility

- Promote positive self-esteem and


- Refine one's focus and concentration

- Establish a solid foundation of

  emotional intelligence


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Your OM True North, LLC has been established in order to empower children to learn mindfulness, meditation and yoga from ground zero.  This is accomplished hand in hand with parents and/or other family members who may be long-term practitioners  or perhaps those who are rediscovering their practice or starting anew.  This journey focuses on the inclusion of persons of all ages, body types and skill levels and facilitates learning for families throughout the life cycle.

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vinyasa for the ages